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Function of Ingredients

B1 Thiamine

This vitamin maintains your nerves in optimal and healthy condition. It is used to process and obtain energy from the foods you eat by turning nutrients into usable energy.

B2 Riboflavin

B2 is a micronutrient your body easily absorbs to keep you functioning properly all day long. It plays a key role in converting fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy.

B3 Niacin

This nutrient assists in the functioning of the digestive system, skin, nerves, It also transforms food into energy.

B6 Pyridoxine

One of the most common nutritional deficiencies, this vitamin helps your heart to be stronger and healthier, preventing heart diseases, high cholesterol, and even kidney stones.

B8 Inositol

Regulates adrenaline-included stress responses; Cortisol increases the body's inositol requirement.


Normalizes circadian rhythms (Sleep-wake cycles); Therapeutic benefits of B12 supplementation, both oral and intravenous, seen in studies.

B Complex

Vitamin B-Complex includes five B vitamins that help convert food into energy, while improving cognitive functions, so you feel sharper and more focused throughout the day.


A mineral that keeps your bones, muscles, teeth and nerves strong. It also has an important role in preventing diseases like obesity and colon cancer.


Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant with anti aging properties. It is capable of preventing damage to your skin and cells, having a direct impact on the way you look and feel.


Regulates the system called the HPA axis that controls physical and psychological reactions to stress.


Deters the negative impact toxic chemicals can have in your body which often trigger nausea and vomiting.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts your immune system, aids with cellular repair and also works as a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin D

Prevents and repairs skin damage as well as premature ageing of the skin. Vitamin D is also a precursor to the hair growth cycle.

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